Boise State's football team received another punch in the face Monday as the team announced that star wide receiver Eric McAlister is leaving the team effective immediately. The team is already reeling from a disappointing 4-5 start after another loss last week at Fresno State.

Head Coach Andy Avalos broke the news today at his weekly press conference.

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Why Did Eric McAlister Leave the Team?

While others may blame Name, Image, and Likeness, there have been several coaching decisions that many have questioned. The team has two starting quarterbacks. Has lost several games that in the old days the team would have won.

The team has blown leads against UCF, Memphis, and Colorado State.

Talented Taylen Green has been benched for Maddux Madsen, although the coaches say Green is still the starter. A two-quarterback system rarely works in college football. Some online fans have speculated that Mr. Green and his Ashton Jeanty will leave the team. All three were highly recruited from Texas.

Athletes come to Boise State with the expectation of winning. That scenario appears to be over during the Avalos Administration. If the team wins out, they finish the season 7-5. Only Chris Petersen's last year has Boise State finished with that record; under Coach Avalos, this will be the second time in three years.

The Economics of Losing

Boise State has limited financial resources. The team is dependent on winning to supply the revenue to fund football and all the other athletic programs. If the football team goes down, the money will go with it.





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