We hear a lot about how expensive the real estate market has become in Boise. The lack of affordable housing has forced many that would buy a house to rent instead, which has created a very competitive rental market as well. Rent prices are soaring, with many residents complaining that they've had to endure increases of $200 per month or more since their last lease one year ago.

When you search for affordable rentals, you have to be careful of scams. Craigslist has become notorious for these. Remember, don't pay anything until you've physically seen the inside of a property.

The most affordable rental home listings on Zillow can vary wildly. For the purpose of this article, I looked at two-bedroom homes, exclusively in the city of Boise.

The common theme with the cheapest three listings is that they are all two-bedroom, one-bath homes, under 900 square feet, built over 40 years ago. They range in price from $1200-$1450 per month. Here's what you get in that price range in Bosie:

Boise's Most Affordable Rental Homes Are Under 900 SF

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