Do you remember what you were doing three years ago? Three days ago? Three hours ago? Californians now feel the effects of an overreaching regulatory law that bans the sale of new gas-powered devices. In other words, you can still use your old gas-powered lawnmowers and lawn equipment but can't buy new ones.

It's All About SORES

What is a SORE?  According to MSN, SORES are small off-road engines that generate up to 25 horsepower. The ban was passed in 2021 by the Californian Legislature and signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom. The move is a step towards forcing Californians to adopt the move to carbon neutral. The state struggles to power its grid despite eliminating commonly used gas-powered items.

Jake Johnson via Unsplash
Jake Johnson via Unsplash

Proponents of the ban say that gas-powered small engines like lawnmowers produce excessive smog that damages the air quality. California has a massive problem with smog, and many residents are worried about the poor air quality in the once Golden State.

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Is Electric Equipment Better?

Electric equipment has limitations, like battery life. Just like vehicles, gas-powered leaf blowers and lawnmowers can last a long time and take only minutes to refuel. Electric tools are at the mercy of their battery life, which takes a long time to recharge. Some landscapers carry multi-packs of batteries for one job at a time.

Idaho and other states have become a type of black market for Californians who can't buy gas-powered tools. Online retailers will not deliver banned items to Californians who try to avoid the ban.

One big issue we will continue to monitor is Governor Newsom's declaration banning gas powered vehicles by 2035.

We'll continue to update you on this story as it develops.

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