Mysteries are all of the hype these days. A few years ago-- and by a few I mean probably over five years ago now--the podcast "Serial" shook streaming consumers. I remember that being such a popular thing to listen to, talk about, and wait to binge each week. Yes, streaming via Netflix and Hulu was plenty popular but the story that Serial unrolled, one episode and one week at a time, was so suspenseful.  I really credit that kind of hype to the popularity of true crime and murder mystery podcasts, documentaries, and series that we see now. I know that is what inspired my fascination.

So, who is up for solving a Boise mystery? It isn't a murder case and as far as we know, nobody was hurt...we just need to get to the bottom of it.

What was with ALL OF THE YELLOW PAINT around Boise this weekend!? 

While driving along I-84 this weekend, windows down and music cranked all of the way up enjoying my weekend and the stellar weather, I noticed something peculiar. There was a whole bunch of yellow paint on the road.

Where did it come from? Does anyone know?

Of course, true to form, I noticed the mystery was also being discussed on Boise Bench Dwellers.

You can see from the photos below that others were wondering the same:



And then you can see this giant tub of paint... 


According to comments on the Boise Bench Dweller post, the paint seemed to stop around Denton Street? Nobody could agree, though.

Did someone lose their job this weekend?


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