After controversial Board of Health appointee Raul Labrador came to the table with a request for an end to Central District Health's mandate surrounding COVID-19 this afternoon, it has been announced that CDH has downgraded to just an "advisory".

So what does this mean? Well, it means that if you're in Ada County or Valley County, Central District Health has some strong advisories, or, recommendations--but there is NOT an enforceable mandate in place.

What does this change NOT mean? Well, Central District Health may be the umbrella health authorities that oversees the City of Boise--however, Boise Mayor Lauren McLean's health mandate, which has no formal ties whatsoever to what Central District Health issues, still remains. That means that in the City of Boise, masks remain required. It's also important to note that the FEDERAL order for masks on public transportation will also still stand, regardless of Central District Health's downgrade.

While the COVID-19 numbers aren't where they were say, four to six months ago, some feel that the new "conservative" presence on the Board of Health may be leaning too optimistic for our community. This lift in the order comes just a day after officials found variants of COVID-19 that we have been seeing in the news, here in the Treasure Valley.

Could all of this mean light at the end of the tunnel? The Boise School District is searching for light as well after announcing that they hope to return to class after Spring Break.

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