CNN has fired comedian Kathy Griffin responding to pressure that the one time popular comedian had gone too far.  Griffin had posted a photo of herself holding the head of President Trump.  According to published reports, Barron, the president's youngest son, thought the photo was real.  The 11 year old ran to the First Lady after watching the image on television.  President Trump condemned Griffin on Twitter earlier today.

Griffin tried to calm the storm by posting an apology on Twitter saying, 'she had gone too far.'  She did not apologize to the President or his family.  Did Griffin go too far?  Had the First Amendment been compromised?

I'd say ask Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake.  You remember them and their infamous halftime Super Bowl routine that brought about a wave of restrictions on broadcast and cable.   I would hope that the loony left would understand that you can't threaten the life of the president without the Secret Service taking the threat seriously.

I don't know how the family members, whose relatives were beheaded by ISIS, feel about a comedian mimicking the terrorists.  I doubt any American saw the humor in Griffins photo.

The mainstream press and comedians like Colbert and Kimmel will continue to attack the president personally.  They're blinded by ideology which has taken their humor to the gutter level.  It's unfortunate that there's an audience for such crass language.

We must stand together as conservatives and not support these folks.  It's amazing that special interest groups try to remove Sean Hannity from the air and say nothing about the vile personal attacks on the president.

Let's hope that Griffin figures out that good taste involves common sense.  Something she apparently has been lacking for quite sometime.

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