Coach Bryan Harsin previews the Washington match up and shares his thoughts on how the Broncos would fare in the Big 12.

Only Paul Finebaum, the voice of SEC, could make a few statements that got the rest of the country talking about college football expansion.  (Haven’t we had enough conference realignment for the next 20 years?)  Last week Finebaum looked at the future of the Big 12 possibly expanding.  Fellow ESPNer Colin Cowherd picked up the story, and the speculation continues.

Would Boise State be one of the teams selected and if so, how would the Broncos handle a Big 12 schedule?  Coach Bryan Harsin answered those questions in an interview with Fox Sports Stewart Mandel.  You can hear the entire interview here.   A summary of his thoughts is provided by the Dallas Morning News.

Harsin shared with Fox Sports how he’ll handle the return of Coach Pete, “It obviously adds more drama to the opening game for both of us.  Being just a couple years removed for Coach Peterson.  He was here a long time, and I worked with him and a lot of guys on that staff.  We won a lot of football games together.  He’s done a lot for Boise State, and we know that.”

The coach spoke about the excitement of opening at home.  “It’s been six years since we’ve opened up at home.  We’ve been in all these kickoff classics to open the season.  I think for our fan base, our coaches, and our players we’re excited to be at home.”