Idaho's independent candidate for governor, Ammon Bundy, continues to make headlines as election day nears. Mr. Bundy has been traveling the state hosting packed town hall meetings describing his platform for Idaho's highest office.

Mr. Bundy had an opportunity to speak with us recently on his decision to run for governor and take several questions from callers. However, he is now getting more attention from a new social media ad trending nationally.

If you haven't seen the ad, you can view it here.

Some folks may laugh at Mr. Bundy's ad; however, he does back it up with statics that he provided us.

"Currently, 39.7% of Idaho's budget goes to fund welfare programs; that's nearly $4 billion of our taxes being spent on state welfare services, EVERY YEAR! These welfare programs are opening up opportunities for leftist liberals to come to Idaho and live off the system while they destroy our conservative way of life. Idaho is quickly descending down a path that will eventually allow these people and their philosophy to destroy Idaho as we know it."

He goes on to advocate eliminating the welfare program to help working Idahoans.

Is this ad effective?

Mr. Bundy's use of the massive amount of social spending resonates with Idaho voters. Governor Little's narrative is that the state is performing well economically. Mr. Bundy points out that large corporations are benefiting from the state's incentive programs while small businesses suffer. Over 95% of the Idaho economy is made up of small businesses.

Do you find this ad effective or ineffective? We want to know your opinion, so please vote below.


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