Deport Justin Bieber Now
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So at the tender age of nineteen we have young jabronie Justin Bieber under arrest once again.  In baseball it's three strikes and your out and it should be the same for Bieber.  He's got to go!  Let's go over the evidence right now.  It started with allegations that Justin allegedly egged the house of his neighbor in Calabasas, California.  The police were called and Bieber's house was searched.  Drugs were found and one person was arrested.  California authorities will soon determine whether to charge the young singer soon.  The damage to his neighbor's house was over 20,000 dollars and a possible felony vandal charge could happen.  Bieber is threatening to move and that might be a good thing.

Strike two happened in Miami.  CNN reports that little boy Justin's blew a 0.11 to a 0.14 when he was arrested.  Additional toxicology reports indicate that Xanax and Marijuana in his blood.  Are these the actions of a responsible citizen?  Besides the bubble gum crowd, what value does this kid add to our country?

The last incident allegedly occurred in Bieber's home country of Canada.  He's accused of assaulting a limo driver in December.  Justin turned himself into authorities Wednesday evening.  CBS News reported this was his second arrest in a week.  Are we to believe that everyone is mistaken?  That young Justin has been falsely accused by three different parties in two different states and a foreign country.  That's a stretch!

Now the American public has voted.  Over 100,000 people have signed an online petition demanding that the White House Deport the Biebs.  Actually the figure is over 214,665 and growing.  Time Magazine reports that the administration will have to respond to the petition drive.  I wonder if President Obama still approves of his kids being Bieber fans?

The public is right and Bieber needs to go.  The reality of the situation is that any legal immigrant would be deported if they had any semblance of trouble.  Being an American citizen is a privilege.  Countries have laws just like games have rules.  If you cannot obey the laws or play by the rules then it's time to move on or out.  Just like that batter with three strikes.

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