The television network A&E has announced that Phil Robertson's suspension is over.  Now that was quick.  Why is this good news for conservative America?    Two weeks ago it looked like Phil Robertson would become the latest victim of the Cultural Wars that have raged in America since the sixties.  Robertson had made the mistake of expressing his biblical views to GQ Magazine that were politically incorrect.  The network followed the usual game plan of condemning their star and giving him the boot.  Then something magical happened, the people decided enough was enough with pandering to the politically correct politburo.

A&E heard from America's silent majority that reside in flyover country.  Thousands signed petitions, took to Facebook, called their favorite talk shows, and the network was overwhelmed.  What started out as an effort to silence one man turned in to a referendum on the first amendment.  Cracker Barrel  quickly surrendered when they tried to give the Robertson clan the boot.  Now the home chicken fried steak has enough Duck Dynasty swag to satisfy every hard core Duck enthusiast.

The network can issue their politically correct statement but the truth is that the Roberston's family values won the day.  America voted with their laptops and pocketbooks.  Wal Mart's m

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erchandise sales exploded proving that they're a true family that will not abandon one of their own for the almighty buck.  The network made the right move and punted.  The show was too popular, the cast too united, the country too upset, for them to continue on with the suspension.  Now we can get back to enjoying one of the great family shows in America.

There is one lesson that we can all take away from this unfortunate move by A&E.  That conservative America that loves the Lord, the Bible, Guns, and Family cannot be marginalized.  Whether it's two weeks or two years before the next eruption of the Cultural Wars, the networks will now think twice before they try to silence conservative voices.

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