The heat will be extreme this weekend across the Pacific Northwest and blistering Boise. This will bring out more people which also means precautions.

Instead of adding things to do this weekend, we might be subtracting events. The City of Boise just announced a swimming warning at Esther Simplot Park in the Quinn's Pond Beach Area. That was followed by, "at your own risk."

Swim at Your Own Risk Boise

That's one of those statements that makes you think, "So, I can go swimming? You're just saying not to blame you if something happens?" I don't know if I like those odds very much especially considering this seems to be an annual issue.

The levels of E. coli found at Esther Simplot Park are elevated to High. The City of Boise announced the levels of E. coli concentrations in ++++++++++ exceed Idaho water quality standards for bacteria. The amount of bacteria detected also increases the risk of illness according to the city.


4th of July Esther Simplot Park Attendance

The temperatures will live in the 100's all weekend and that is the reason for concern. Idahoans will be out having picnics, swimming, fishing, kayaking, paddleboarding, and more. This is also the first time we'll see a major holiday free of masks. The Memorial Day Weekend was the beginning and this weekend could be magnified in attendance.


What Else Is Safe at Esther Simplot Park

"Our team is doing everything we can to increase the flow of water through the ponds, improve water circulation and address bacteria," said Boise Parks and Recreation Director Doug Holloway. "We encourage people to visit the new Bernardine Quinn Riverside Park on the southeast side of Quinn's Pond where test results show bacteria levels remain low. Veterans Pond and Esther Simplot Park Pond 2 are also open for swimming, paddling, and fishing."

Safety Precautions When Joining In the Activities This Weekend

  • Don't drink any of the water
  • Make sure you wash your hands after swimming in the pond and recreating
  • Shower after
  • Don't bring dogs in the pond as they are not allowed.
  • No feeding of ducks or geese.
  • No alcohol allowed at the ponds.
  • No lifeguards on duty.

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