October is beginning! It is now completely socially acceptable to take your fall photos not only with fall foliage, but with pumpkins in frame! There is no better season for family, friend, or couple photos. Spring summons allergies, so you very well could be all puffy and watery eyed for the pictures. Summer either has you sweating too hard or you're not so comfortable in summer clothing. Winter is cold and bland. And it feels out of place to look at winter pictures outside of season. Fall is perfect. The colors are vibrant and comforting. Everyone looks good in autumnal attire. And the fall photo aesthetic is evergreen. You're more likely to frame those pictures for year round display.

Now the question is who are you going to trust to capture the perfectly posed "candid" photos you won't stop posting to social media for the next three months. Honestly, everyone is going to be so sick of seeing you and the family in perfectly curated and coordinated outfits every few days. But what does it matter? It's your social media page. And you spent a lot of time and effort to make sure you looked your best to capture these moments for posterity. Clearly I'm very passionate about these pictures.

I absolutely love the photography of Idaho Image Studios, especially for maternity and family photos.



But I know the Treasure Valley is full of talented photographers. Who is your go-to for capturing memories with the family? Quite selfishly I'd like to compile some options.

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