Mississippi State Football Coach Mike Leach died today from the effects of a massive heart attack that happened over the weekend. Coach Leach was known for his offensive genius and quick wit with reporters during pre and post-game press conferences. Mike Leach was viral before becoming viral was everyone's goal. 

Coach Leech was not your typical football coach. He received his law degree from Pepperdine University, graduating in the top third of his legal class. 

Instead of entering the courtroom, he made the gridiron his profession. As detailed by the New York Times Magazine, the story was that the twenty-five-year-old Leach told his wife he wanted to be a football coach while she was pregnant with their second child.Like many in college football, Coach Leach traveled the country, continuously improving his teams year after year. Before arriving at Mississippi State, he was the head football coach at Washington State. He was known as the pirate, but he was unforgettable. How many football coaches have been profiled by CBS's 60 Minutes and the New York Times Magazine?While in the Northwest,Coach Leach impacted several Idahoans who shared their condolences.   





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