Remember when we were growing up, and we used to read about international tensions like 'the Bay of Pigs, 'the Cuban Missile Crisis,' and other extraordinary historical events that brought the world to the edge of nuclear war? Maybe you grew up during the Cold War when everyone participated in the 'duck and cover drills to prepare for an attack by the old Soviet Union?

Today, the nuclear threat to our life and liberty has many sources. North Korea, Iran, Russia, and China have all threatened to use weapons of mass destruction against America. However, we hope that nuclear doesn't happen. Have you ever wondered how safe we are in Idaho?

Do the current list of bad guys with nukes have any Idaho cities on their hit list? FEMA recently release a list of potential targets.


The maps say that about 500 warheads would hit Boise, while other cities could be hit with more. The good news for the rest of Idaho is that Boise appears to be the only target. If Boise is hit, it's most likely that the Treasure Valley will be wiped out as well.

The rest of the state would have to focus on surviving the massive amounts of radiation and the nuclear fallout that would blow east.



Let's hope we never have to worry about a real nuclear missile hitting Idaho. Here's a look at what areas will be impacted if the North Koreans, Chinese, or Russians bomb or shoot a missile into Idaho courtesy of NUKEMAP.

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What happens if we get hit and who will survive?

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