If you name just about anything, it was impacted by COVID-19. Name a concert, event, gathering, celebration, or even industry and one way or another--it was impacted by this global pandemic that we continue to navigate.

Along with the impacts it has had on all of the things listed above, the trickle down has been real, too. For many it meant lost jobs or income, perhaps lost TIME if the respective line of work meant more demand at the office for certain professionals. Along with all of this, especially for families with children, a solution for what to do with the kids during the day became another issue.

Exciting news for all families with school children came down, nationwide, earlier this week and it impacts our State of Idaho, as well.

The United States Department of Agriculture has announced that free meals for ALL students will continue to be offered through June of 2022.

Obviously, this move will impact schools all across the Treasure Valley and it's simply a crucial step in making sure our local kids have the nutrition they need to focus on their studies--and really, just being kids.

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