According to KTVB, owners of Plantation Golf Course in Garden City, are in talks to sell the course to California developer, Will Gustafson. The plan for the future of the course isn't too welcome by golf enthusiasts, wildlife lovers, and residents in the area.

According to KTVB, Gustafson plans to "redevelop the property for commercial and residential purposes."

When it comes to open spaces in Garden City, Plantation Golf Course serves as one of the little areas left. It's the second oldest course in Idaho, established at 101 years young. Residents are concerned about (among other things) how new development could impact traffic flow in the area, "For one, it would add a tremendous amount of traffic to State Street, which is bad enough as it is, without any more business or additional retail."

Opponents of the proposed sale have formed a coalition to "preserve open space and limit development on the golf course." They've created a website to inform the public about what can be done to keep Garden City green.

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