Guns, gas, and wildlife is a simple way to describe Idaho from outsiders. With the increase of population in Idaho cities such as Star, Idaho increasing by 89%. The younger generations that are moving are starting to pay attention and ask questions on these serious issues. Congressman Russ Fulcher answers important questions that are becoming relevant for the younger generations' future. Many questions that are concerning the younger generations include. Higher inflation, raising the age limit on purchasing an assault rifle, school officials such as teachers having the right to conceal carry on gun free zones, and comments on the Columbia Basin Initiative and how it wouldn’t help the salmon. 

As many Idaho residents dread filling up at the gas pump and swiping their card at the grocery store watching the price rise higher every visit.  Congressman Fulcher had this to say on the inflation that's occurring. “ The answer is really pretty easy, to make ourselves. We don’t have to buy stuff from Russia. We don’t have to buy it from Saudi Arabia. God gave us a gift underneath our feet, but we restricted ourselves from doing that. So the answer is to responsibly take advantage of a gift we’ve been given. Process it, and respect our environment when we do it ourselves.” Taking a look at what we can access safely could possibly save our dollar at the pump. 


A topic heavily debated on allowing guns to be permitted on school grounds by school officials and teachers goes against the S.2070, U.S. Congress Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990 which criminally penalizes the possession or discharge of a firearm on school grounds. “Yes, I support it ”,said  Congressman Fuchler with no hesitation after asking the question should teachers and school officials be allowed to carry a firearm after recent current events. 


This isn’t the only question on guns that the younger generation are asking. Congressman Fuchlers thoughts on raising the age limit to twenty-one when purchasing an assault weapon for example the AR-15. “Don’t know if that’s gonna have any significant impact or not. I think all of us have a responsibility to demonstrate or law biting citizens, but I don’t know that I’m supportive of changing ages just simply to say we do something.” Congressman Fuchlers asks younger generations one simple question.  “Do we look to change the age of who will accept into the US military across-the-board.

The Columbia Basin Initiative proposed by Mike Simpson is something the younger generation may or may not experience. As this project has many followers and time spent into creating plans on the possibility of removing these four Lower Snake River hydroelectric dams to help restore wild Salmon populations. It would cost billions to replace the benefits these hydroelectric dams provide leading to the disagreement from many such Congressman Fulcher himself. “To the contrary many people that are experts in this area say that if you do that now. The Celtics that's been backed up for X number of decades will destroy not just the salmon flow but everything else swimming through there. There are other river systems experiencing the exact same rate of salmon flow as the ones with the dams. Also these hydroelectric dams provide flow control, irrigation, recreation, port activity, as well as the economic impact. That clean Hydro power that drives the economy of the Pacific Northwest. It’s a wrong decision.”


Moving into Idaho guns, gas, and wildlife are as permanent as the increasing population Idaho Cities are experiencing. These are questions the younger generations are asking as politicians such as  Congressman Russ Fulcher who can be accessible at (208)-888-3188 for information

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