Friday Governor Butch Otter signed a bill that thankfully strengthened the Second Amendment in Idaho.  Finally, all branches of state government recognized that Idaho Citizens have a right to protect themselves by concealing their weapons.  Who made this happen?  Was it the legislature?  The NRA? Or was it the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance?  The answer is obvious to me.  As the endless parade of accolades resonates throughout the airwaves and social media, the credit for championing this bill and getting it passed goes to Greg Pruett and Seth Rosquist.  These two young men only wanted to protect their families by exercising their second amendment rights.

They told me this morning that they believed the process would be smooth.  'Hey it's Idaho, we love guns, so Constitutional Carry shouldn't be a problem.'  That was four years ago.  For four years, Greg and Seth traveled across the state, lobbied lawmakers, held rallies, spent their money for the cause.  Remember last year when members of the legislature criticized their efforts.  It's hard to believe in this post-legislative bliss, that Constitutional Carry could not get out of committee last year.

So what changed?  More people became involved, and it's an election year.  Who wants to campaign for reelection in Idaho by not voting for guns?  The bill will know become law in July thanks to Governor Otter signing the bill.  Greg and Seth will tell you it was the people that made a difference, and they are correct.  Congratulations to everyone who called, voted, lobbied, and cared enough to make a difference.  Mission Accomplished.

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