Sword fights don't happen in our country when one thinks of adults using swords to settle disputes or duels, primarily in history books or fantasy novels. Firearms have replaced the traditional sword as a means of protection, although swords might be coming back if you've recently watched the relaunch of Shogun on FX. 

In Idaho, a sword attack would be met with the lead of bullets fired from several firearms. The Gem State is one of the country's most Second Amendment-friendly states. You can carry a gun, seen or unseen, without a permit. The state does offer an enhanced concealed carry permit if one wants more extensive training that is recognized by other states. In other words, if you want to be protected from being disarmed in different states, get the training and certification from Idaho.

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Sadly, the world lost a fourteen-year-old and four others injured during a sword attack in London, England. The New York Post reported the details of a thirty-six-year-old man roaming the streets with a sword, attacking innocent people. The man was eventually tazed and brought into custody, facing charges. 

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England and other countries have disarmed their citizens. Some American politicians would like to do the same here. Some political activists want to defund the police. Could they try to disarm them next? 

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The shocking crime in London should be a warning to anyone who wants to disarm Idahoans. We've seen reports of knife-wielding criminals looking to kill as many as possible. A firearm allows all citizens to protect themselves and their families. Hopefully, other states and countries will look to follow Idaho's Second Amendment example.


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