Idaho gun owners and future gun owners should be very concerned about a new policy implemented by several major credit card companies. The creditors announced that they will now create a particular category to document Americans who buy guns.

The unique code will allow retailers to track the type of gun and ammunition they purchase. Gun control advocates support the move as they believe this new policy will help curb gun violence. Violent crime has risen across the country as liberal district attorneys refuse to prosecute criminals or let them out without bail. A California congresswoman running to be the next mayor of Los Angeles recently had two handguns stolen from her home.

The Associated Press reported that Visa, American Express will move gun sales from general merchandise to their own category. The move is expected to pressure banks into following along with the credit card companies.

Liberal leaders have pressured financial institutions to move gun sales from general merchandise to gun categories. Several conservatives and gun rights advocates worry that this is a move by private industry to limit the Second Amendment. Folks who buy guns legally are rarely responsible for the mass shootings that have plagued the country during the last several years.

Where is the pressure coming from?

Several state pension funds have been pushing for credit processors to create a category for gun purchases. Americans have reacted to this decision.

Will Visa Turn You In?


The Wall Street Journal reported that officials have not decided whether they will share their information with law enforcement.  Several liberal lawmakers shared their support for the move reported by the Journal.

'A new code for gun retailers would be “an important step towards ending financial system support for gun trafficking, gun violence, and domestic terrorism,” Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Pennsylvania Rep. Madeleine Dean wrote in a letter signed by dozens of other lawmakers.'

Mastercard Compares Gun Sales to Bicycles

CNN reported on MasterCard's move to track gun owners. The company sent them a statement equating guns to bikes.  Are bicycles protected by the Second Amendment?

"We continue to support lawful purchases on our network while protecting the privacy and decisions of individual cardholders," Mastercard said in a statement. "This is exactly how we would manage the process for any other appropriate MCC, like a bicycle shop or sporting goods store."

Look for more gun owners to buy their guns with cash.

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