Governor Brad Little met with the board members of Take a Stand Now (TASN) and his legal counsel. As we heard today, the meeting was initiated by Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss issues surrounding the vaccine mandates by St. Luke’s, St. Al’s, and Primary Health. The Governor did not meet with the folks in person. He held the meeting was a phone call, as we heard this morning from Victoria Stump. The meeting was detailed in a release by the group.

The group has been actively trying to meet with Governor Little prior to this week's phone conversation.  TASN pointed to the Governor’s recent deployment of the National Guard to mitigate staffing crisis due to the vaccine mandates.

“If this is a private business matter as suggested by the Governor then why has he intervened by sending in the national guard? He seems to be willing to solve the private sector issue with a government intervention rather than address the real problem which is health care corporations forcing mandatory vaccines,” said TASN spokesperson Victoria Stump.

Several issues of why a special session of the Idaho Legislature should be called back including solving the staffing shortage, religious exemptions, and other health or disability reasons, but there was not response from the Governor.

“When we asked him again about calling a special session he said ‘The Constitution just allows the Governor to call a special session and I’m not inclined at this time. I have a fundamental philosophical stance that the relationship between the employer and employee is just that. Our laws state that and that’s where I will continue to be.’” Stump said.

When asked if he would submit a formal request to Speaker Bedke to call the House back into session, the Governor replied, “No.” When the TASN Board were in the middle of asking questions they were informed the Governor left abruptly.

“We are drafting a proposal for a limited town hall over zoom with the Governor and his constituents which his legal council agreed to review. Due to Executive Branch overreach, every representative and senator must be contacted to reconvene our legislative branch of government. We cannot assume Governor Little is for the people of Idaho,” Stump concluded.

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