It's never good news when a hospital closes its doors. However, when a group of hospitals closes, it is of concern regardless of where you go for your medical treatments. One of the Gem State's oldest and most trusted medical providers is shutting down for good.  

In a sign of a troubling economy and a medical community that hasn't recovered from the pandemic, Saltzer Health Systems announced it would be closing all its doors in March. Saltzer has been one of our state's most treasured and sought-after groups. 

Saltzer was the subject of a lawsuit involving Saint Luke's attempting to acquire Saltzer. The merger was denied, and Saltzer was sold to Ball Ventures Alquist, who envisioned advancing healthcare treatment and affordable patient prices. The pandemic short-circuited their vision, leading the group to sell Saltzer to Intermountain Health Care based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Idaho Statesman reports that 440 employees will be out of a job, and over 100,000 patients will be without a healthcare provider. Due to mandatory vaccination requirements during the pandemic, healthcare has been a polarizing topic in the Treasure Valley. Several hundred doctors, nurses, and support staff either left or were dismissed. 

Idahoans still have West Valley Medical Center, Treasure Valley Hospital, Saint Luke's Primary Health, and Saint Alphonsus. However, finding a home for thousands of patients will be challenging for any healthcare facility. 

Saltzer closed five urgent care centers in Caldwell, East Boise, North Meridian, South Meridian, and North Nampa on July 7, citing a low turnout for the closings. 

Saltzer's resources would be a welcomed addition to out-of-state healthcare and medical providers. We'll continue to update you on this story as it develops.

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