The Idaho House passed  HB71 a bill that would ban transitional surgeries for those Idahoans who are minors. The bill includes banning hormone therapy and puberty blockers. The House passed a similar bill last year, but the Idaho Senate refused to consider it. The Senate stated that they would let parents decide if they want their kids to transition from one gender to another. 

Doctors and other healthcare providers would be subject to criminal prosecution if they violated the law. The bill follows moves by Utah and other states that have passed like-minded bills into law. You can read our coverage of the Utah decision here. 

The Vulnerable Child Protection Act has a better chance in the state Senate this year than last year. The recent election saw the Senate tilt more conservatively than in previous sessions. Most experts believe this bill will get a hearing, make it out of committee, and move on to the governor's desk. 

Governor Little will have to decide if he will veto the bill. Utah Governor Spencer Cox signed Utah's bill into law when he realized that the Senate would override his veto.  

The transgender issue has created a controversy about what role schools should play in accommodating trans students. The Caldwell School District recently tabled police 3281, which would have allowed students to identify their gender choice when using the restrooms. 

The House passing the bill has caused a reaction on the left and the right. Let's take a look at how Idaho views this bill.




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