One of our state's most famous moving attractions, the Big Idaho Potato Truck, recently ran into trouble with the California Highway Patrol (CHIPS). The vehicle is renowned for traveling across the country, appearing in national commercials promoting Idaho Potatoes.

Another one of our stories of the year from this October.

The truck has traveled all over the country, but we know of no record of the Big Potato Truck being ticketed for speeding. The officer noticed that the truck also needed an additional tie around the enormous potato to ensure it wouldn't break free. Could you imagine the story of the giant potato breaking off the truck during rush hour on a California highway?

Here's a look at Idaho's Big Potato Truck in action.

Big Idaho Potato Truck in Action

A behind-the-scenes look at the Big Idaho Potato Truck!

We do have the footage of the interaction between CHIPs and the Idaho Big Potato Truck.

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