Idaho Senator Jim Risch and other Republican senators are worried about the Chinese app TikTok, warning the American public about the risks of using the app. The senator's comments come days after the news from Washington DC that our military's infrastructure is threatened by Chinese malware that could cripple America's ability to defend itself and the world.

Senator Risch sent a letter to Federal Trade Commission expressing severe concerns about TikTok and the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) ability to collect and control American er's personal information through the app. 

The letter demands answers from the agency regarding how it is safeguarding Americans' data and protecting our kids and grandkids from Chinese social and political influence.

"Given its connections to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the way it collects and controls sensitive personal information, TikTok poses one of the greatest long-term threats to the health, safety, and privacy of millions of Americans," wrote Risch. ". . . TikTok is built like an indoctrination machine, and its user base is comprised of one of the most impressionable and vulnerable populations: children. 

The nature of TikTok's application and its content are tailor-made to appeal to younger generations. While some of its content is benign, many users—as young as 13—are fed a constant diet of content linked to dangerous behaviors like eating disorders and self-harm."

TikTok plans to create a shopping app that will eliminate Amazon and other online retail platforms. The Wall Street Journal reports that TikTok could change how the world shops. Critics of China accurately point out that most goods produced in China are made with slave labor. 

The WSJ explains how the new TikTok shopping experience will work for consumers in America. "Similar to's "Sold by Amazon" program, TikTok will store and ship items—including clothes, electronics, and kitchen gadgets—on behalf of manufacturers and merchants in China. It will also handle marketing, transactions, logistics, and after-sale services. "

The move by Senator Risch is a welcomed one as TikTok continues to expand its growing presence. You can read his letter to the FTC here. 

Former President Donald Trump tried to force TikTok to sell to an American company but didn't receive enough support in his efforts. Montana is the only state in the nation that has banned the use of the app entirely. Idaho and other states and the US Government have banned TikTok on all state and government-issued phones. 

The challenge for lawmakers is the app is top-rated and has no rivals. The security issues are secondary to most who want to be online stars and influencers. 

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