The world continues to prepare for another armed conflict. Israel is on high alert as swarms and swarms of armed drones are on their way from Iran. The situation is so severe that President Biden has returned from Delaware and is now back in Washington DC, meeting with his military and foreign policy team.

President Biden did warn the Iranians not to attack Israel in response to the Wall Street Journal published a story predicting today's attack. Israel now waits to see if their defenses can withstand the Iranian drone attack along with ballistic missiles that could be launched by Houthis, who announced they would be attacking Israel.

President Biden did pledge support to Israel if attacked by Iran. The US Navy has substantial assets in the Red Sea that can be used if necessary. The drones that are being used are the same drones used by Russia against Ukraine and by the Houthis against our naval forces.

In the world of instant analysis, the media and our government are speculating on whether the attack will be multi-layered. Experts say the Iranians are wary of provoking the United States into the region. The attack is easily detected and slow moving.

Iran threatened that if our forces intercepted or defended Israel, then they would attack America. The Iranians have attacked our troops through the Houtis and other proxies since the war in Israel began. The Biden Administration had not responded to the over 100 attacks on American forces.

Israel will use its Iron Dome, The Arrow, and David's Sling to protect itself from Iran's attack. The biggest fear is that the multi-layered attack will overwhelm Israel's defenses. For the latest news, turn to KIDO Talk Radio on 1075FM and 580AM.

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