The president is someone who doesn't have a problem with getting a few hours of sleep every night.  It's a good thing that he doesn't require a lot of sleep because he sure is buys these days.  He's got the Iranians and the North Koreans challenging his foreign policy, Congress and impeachment trial, and now several states are mad at him.  Several states, well 14 states so far are suing the administration over one of their rules.  It has to do with a sensitive topic that has haunted Republicans for years, food stamps.

As is often the case when a new boss takes over, the Trump Administration has a different view on regulating entitlements.  Now some states are saying, he's not the boss of them.  States are pushing back at the Trump administration's move to tighten food stamp rules. New York City and D.C. have joined the law suit challenging stricter work requirements for able-bodied adults without kids.

CBS News reports their chief complaints is that the new rule doesn't consider labor market conditions. In other words, someone may be able to work but can't find work - or enough of it. Should they be denied food stamps? How would fewer people on food stamps affect the Ag economy which benefits from the SNAP program in the form of added purchases?

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