The cost of living continues to escalate throughout the country, with dire economic effects on everyday Americans. For instance, a family in any city is struggling to make ends meet due to skyrocketing housing costs and interest rates.

The president calls the economy Bidenomics, but many Americans are frustrated with their plight. These financial pressures have forced many people to reconsider their options, deciding what they can and cannot afford.

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There are certain fundamental needs that are non-negotiable. We all require shelter, sustenance, clothing, and electricity to survive. However, the cost of electricity is set to skyrocket in California, adding to the already heavy burden of living expenses. 

The Golden State, at the forefront of the carbon-neutral energy movement, is grappling with a significant challenge: its power grid is strained and unable to meet the current demand without imposing energy restrictions.

California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has instituted a new policy that will raise rates by up to twenty-four dollars beginning next month. According to the commission, the rate hike results from a new policy to lower rates for lower-income folks. 

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Over two hundred communities vehemently oppose the new twenty-four-dollar utility tax, a clear indication of the widespread discontent. Californians, already burdened with some of the highest power prices in the country, are now facing an additional financial strain. 

The challenge for Californians is that the new energy tax impacts energy uses from single apartments to mansions. The state's governor continues to champion energy policies despite the state's challenged energy grid. 

National media outlets, like Fox News, report the exodus of lifelong residents who move to states as diverse as Idaho to Texas. 

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