We don't know who came up with common core math. We hate it so much, as a matter of fact, that we're not even going to bother looking up where it came from. It sucks, it's hard, and everybody hates it.

Luckily, politicians in Idaho are thinking about replacing it. This is lovely, because over 300,000 Idaho students are being taught common core, and we're not here for it.

We're here to help. We've come up with a list of studies that are much easier to understand than common core. Let's dive in:


Quantum Physics

Why study numbers when you can study the behavior of matter and energy on a subatomic level? Quantum physics (or quantum mechanics, if you're nasty) is one of the most difficult areas of study in all of math and science. And yes, it's way easier to comprehend than common core.



Numbers are boring, right? It definitely sounds way easier to learn a 2,000-year-old dead language that is no longer in use. Think of how fun it'd be to converse with your friends out in public in Sanskrit so no one can understand you! Still easier than common core.



Seriously, how do they work?


The Opposite Sex

Sure, relationships are hard, until you compare them to common core. Then it's easy!


See? Who needs common core when we have been provided all these other amazing options? Here's to hoping Idaho comes to its senses and replaces this devil math with something more palatable.

Like, literally anything.

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