Last year, we brought you the heartbreaking story that some Idaho cities were considering allowing workers to live in tents due to the lack of affordable housing. Some Idaho towns are suffering from a worker shortage due to service workers, seasonal workers, teachers, and other regular folks being unable to afford shelter.

The Gem State has continued to be a popular playground for the Hollywood elite and America's billionaire class. As more of the world's wealthiest folks move to Idaho, the state continues to struggle with how to house the workers who work in those service industries.  

A look at the price of homes in Idaho's richest cities.  There positioned as 'affordable.' Story continues after the gallery.

The Five Cheapest Homes for Sale in Idaho's Richest City

According to Home Snacks, Eagle is Idaho's "Richest City" in 2022. The week of August 1, these were the five cheapest homes on the market there.

The New York Times profiles the current crisis in the Sun Valley area. The newspaper calls the situation a 'House of Cards.' The Sun Valley area is not unique to the affordable housing crisis. Several law enforcement officers told us that cities and counties could not hire officers from other states because they couldn't afford homes in Idaho. You can read our story here.    

The contrast that the New York Times shares are alarming. Author Mike Baker describes the living conditions in which a family of four is living. Remember, he's representing a family in Idaho, not a third-world country. The family is currently living in a two-car garage.  

"With no refrigerator, the extended family of four adults and two young children keeps produce on plywood shelves. With no sink, they wash dishes and themselves at the nearby park. With no bedrooms, the six of them sleep on three single mattresses on the floor."

The Sun Valley area could be Idaho's canary in the coal mine. Restaurant workers, teachers, and even firefighters can't afford homes. Some folks, including a school principal, have taken to living in campers or other temporary housing. The local firefighters are looking to raise enough money to that their personnel can find a place to call home.  

One man lives in his truck with his faithful dog because he lost his rental. When the young man is done washing windows for the day, he drives around the wilderness looking for a place to park for the night. He spends his off time petting his dog and looking at cryptocurrency. 
Will Idaho solve this problem, or will the state allow its citizens to have to fend for themselves?

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