Idaho is known for its politics and potatoes. Still, if you've been in the Gem State for a few years, traffic issues continue to be a significant concern for Idahoans, especially in the Treasure Valley. Everyone knows that the pandemic fueled a historic growth in our state as remote workers left the overcrowded urban hot spots for their own private Idaho.

Law enforcement officials tell us they are stretched too thin to man every speeding hot spot that plagues our roads. If drivers are not packed together due to overcrowded roads, they're speeding, tailgating, and other aggressive driving habits. Our streets are so overwhelmed that when there's an accident, average traffic delays turn into hours and hours of delays for motorists.

Unregulated Development

The past five to seven years have been banner years for builders and home developers. Critics of most developers say that infrastructure, such as roads, should've been built before the thousands of new homes and office buildings were built. Several cities such as Star, Eagle, Middleton, and Meridian are struggling because their roads are overcrowded.

When's the last time anyone turned down a new home or building development in our area?


Idaho's Busiest Roads

The Idaho Statesman reported a list of the top most congested roads in Idaho.  Whether you drive Uber, the kids, lift, or you're just on your way to work, the list will not surprise you.  Perhaps we can ask Governor Little to spend some of the billion of the Joe Biden surplus money to expand our roads in the Treasure Valley.

(The following list was compiled by the Idaho Statesman and Compass.)

Check out Idaho's Top 10 Most Congested Roads

Find out how many cars you share the road with on your daily commute.

Boise Traffic Incident Captured on Video Goes Viral

On Friday, May 20th, a video was posted online from a busy Boise street. The video showed a totally insane incident which involved one woman stopping down traffic and straight up screaming at vehicles that she forcibly stopped.
We don't know the contest of this video--only that one individual captured it on film.

Check out this incident and see the full video for yourself, below:

Idaho's Horrifying Lead in National Traffic Deaths


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