How famous is In-N-Out Burger in Idaho? Specifically, is Meridian, Idaho, the state's only location? Common sense would dictate that the massive lines would cease as more Idahoans got their fix of their favorite In-N-Out food.

Idahoans have long been the ambassadors of In-N-Out's fame, proudly sharing their dining experiences at the renowned restaurant while venturing beyond the state's borders. It was a common sight to see people joyfully recounting the meals they had happily paid for.

Unlike anything seen in Idaho's recent history, the opening of the state's first In-N-Out was an instant event. How many burger chains can document hundreds of folks camping out overnight to PAY for a burger?

The chain is so popular they had to negotiate additional space and dedicated traffic personnel. A quick check outside their location inside the Village of Meridian revealed the lines are still long as the customers continue to clamor for their favorite shakes to the double-double.

Tommaso Boddi / Stringer
Tommaso Boddi / Stringer

Fads come and go as consumers lose their passion as the newness of a product usually wears off. It's common to see a once-in-demand location transformed into a normal one. In other words, there are no lines and plenty of open tables.

YouTube/ KHOU
YouTube/ KHOU

Why do folks continue to crave Idaho's In-N-Out? The staff continues to create outstanding food that delivers or exceeds consumers' expectations. The chain's only location guarantees that the lines will continue until Boise and Nampa open their location.

Most Idahoans are not fans of the state of California; however, if the state resembled the service and values of In-N-Out Burgers, Idaho would be less attractive to Californians.

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