How good are you at keeping secrets? It's a question we've all been asked, and it always comes with a thrill of knowing something others don't. But when that secret is a matter of state or national security, the excitement can quickly become a daunting challenge.

Have you ever gotten close to a secure location? Perhaps a trip to Gowen Field or Mountain Home Air Force Base? You usually see many guards and guns when you approach a safe location. Some places are so secret they're underground. (I can remember a trip to Fort Bragg, North Carolina, looking for a secret area of the Delta Force's reported headquarters. Sadly, the public information officer would not show me the empty field surrounded by concertina wire fencing and other barriers.

Davion West via YouTube
Davion West via YouTube

Another secure location in Idaho is the Idaho Nuclear Laboratory (INL), which is located in Eastern Idaho. The area rivals the famed Area 51 for its remoteness. INL is where the nation's top nuclear research occurs. However, there is another where most people drive by without knowing the state, where massive secrets are kept from the public.

A Secret Location Near Boise?

Yes, a super secret location is around four hours from Boise. Is it the home of the new SR-71? An NSA listening station? Is it a military or government operation? No, the operation is not military or government; the secret location is religious. It's run by one of the largest religious groups in the world, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints or Mormons.

Moneywise details the specifics of the Granite Mountain Records Vault, the U.S. Can the public access this structure? What's going on in there? The church shares its most treasured secrets. It houses the world's largest genealogical records. In addition, church secrets and other items are kept, and some documents are transferred and stored on microfilm.

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