A popular post on the local Boise Reddit page is getting a lot of locals here in the Treasure Valley talking. As we all survive this heatwave together, one user posted a photo and noted that "signs facing North and South are turning black".

I saw the photo and shortly after noticed a sign myself after fueling up at a local gas station. I captured that, above.

You can see in the photo below, submitted to the Boise Reddit page by user "munchkym" that at this particular intersection, one sign is fine and another, sun facing sign looks all sorts of faded and damaged.


A lot of commenters were baffled by the idea that this crazy heat would actually damage signs. Another said that perhaps we should be taking pointers from Phoenix, Arizona, where the heat is intense all day long for the entire duration of summer.

We did some digging and contrary to many posts of street signs melting in Phoenix, an interview with their local news station and the Phoenix Street Transportation Department revealed that the heat had very little to do with the weathering of street signs.

So is what we are seeing here in Boise related to the sun? I'm going to guess no, it isn't--but perhaps someone can answer this question better than I.

Have you noticed these street signs that are clearly more damaged than others around the Treasure Valley? Now that we've seen some, we can't un-see them!


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