We all know people love to celebrate around the holidays but even more importantly is making sure everyone is safe. The Idaho Transportation Department and Idaho Law Enforcement have an out of the "box" idea to help discourage impaired driving.

So what creative way did they think of to try to limit drinking and driving? It sounds like they have linked up with a company that provides jukeboxes to bars. 210 of the boxes are in bars throughout the state, including 31 in the Treasure Valley. With the jukeboxes there will be messages to help remind people to stay safe as well as quizzes you can take that center around impaired driving, if you take a quiz you get a FREE song!

So there is some sort of incentive but this is just another way for this important message to be seen. It will also offer numbers for Taxi's and ride share services.

Thanks to our friends at KTVB you can find out more here.

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