It seems like I say this every year, but 2019 has gone so fast we are just weeks away from celebrating Christmas with family and loved ones. With a large population doing some sort of traveling for Christmas I wanted to pass along some tips to hopefully save you some money if you are going to be traveling this year.

This list came from PopSugar but it has some tips that I really hadn't thought about before.

The first tip offered that I thought was pretty creative was shipping your luggage and or packages to your destination instead of paying increased baggage fees through your airline if you're flying.

If you're going to be driving this seems obvious, but make sure you take advantage of gas station loyalty programs. This also means maximizing any travel reward points, so double check to see if you have any points through the travel websites you normally book through.

Lastly, check with your credit card companies to check if they have any perks you're not currently taking advantage of.

We all know the holidays can get expensive so it never hurts to see if there are ways to save a few dollars. If you are traveling this holiday season as always be careful and enjoy time with the ones you love most.

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