It's the time of year where people look all over the Mr. Clause and hope to get present and well wishes for the holiday season. Here are some of the lesser known Santa's...

Lesser known Santa's:

  • Santa Barbara, Santa Monica and Santa Maria
  • St. Nicolas Cage
  • Kris Pringle … has a chip on his shoulder.
  • Santa Jaws
  • Pennywise Claus
  • OCD Claus. He’s making a list … he’s checking it exactly 525 times.
  • Santa Dog. (He just gifts everyone kisses.)
  • The Anti-Claus. Lives at the South Pole and takes presents.
  • Drunk belligerent mall Santa.

Couple other very funny honorable mentions: 

  • Santa Claws ( the cat)
  • Santa Cruz ( as in Ted Cruz not the city in California)
  • The Holiday Armadillo ... ( Friends episode)
  • Ho Ho Homer Simpson Claus
  • Santana Clause.... ( musician Santana)
  • Bundy Clause ( Married with Children)

How about you do have any other lesser known Santa's?

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