How many lies do we tell ourselves when we hear something go bump in the night? Oh, it was the wind, the neighbor's dog, the house settling, anything to ease our mind and allow us to justify the disturbance and fall back asleep. But now, in today's world, we can be sure there was nothing out there to make the noise. But do we really want to?

Thanks to security cameras, we can check out exactly what made a noise, either right in the moment or the next day. Are you sure that's a good idea? At least right there in the middle of the night? You might see something your brain isn't ready for. Something that you can't quite describe, nor can anyone else on the internet!

That's the case for this snippet of home security footage from Bonadelle Ranchos (Madera County), California resident Debbie Bernard. Filmed on a blink Camera around midnight on the morning of Wednesday, July 26th, two "creatures" can be seen walking across the back of Bernard's patio.

In the (admittedly "terrible") video, you can see a patio table and chairs (suitable for size reference) and two moving objects walking on two legs through the patio.

What Could These Video Creatures From California Be?

Of course, the intent is full of armchair detectives who know exactly what they are. Gnomes! Fairies! Ducks! Baby owls, tiny velociraptors, squirrels, and the list of guesses go on and on. One thing is for sure… it must be aliens! (At least until a better explanation comes forward).

What the quick video below (from KMPH FOX26 NEWS), and let us know your thoughts by Tapping the App and sending us a message!

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