It's an unusual time of year for love. While Valentine's Day was just a few weeks ago, it feels like it was forever ago. As for "spring love", the Treasure Valley is still trying to find a way out of Old Man Winter's bed and it doesn't appear we'll be getting any spring weather anytime soon.

Thankfully, the Idaho weather doesn't have to dictate whether you find short or long-term love.

Can you migrate your way to some "feels"?

Look - if you're single and have no one, you have to release the beast inside of your body and let those sexy feels out once in a while... in a consensual setting of course.

But, if you're single and ready to get down in Idaho, are you really in the best position to get lucky? Thankfully, for those looking to butter some biscuits, we found some data that revealed where it's "easiest" to get it done in Idaho.

Road Snacks compiled data together to formulate a "Get Laid Score" - yes, apparently that's a real thing.

The factors that make up a "Get Laid Score" include the town's population, how many bars they have, how many colleges, etc.

Now, we don't believe in spoiling surprises or crushing any sexy dreams someone might have... but Boise did not make the list.

Don't worry, there's still some good news!

While the City of Trees didn't make the list of best places to get down on some dirty magic, one town just minutes from Boise did.

Here are the top ten places where it's "easiest" to experience some bedroom rugby according to Road Snacks.

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