Kuna, Idaho is a true small town, and people might think there's not a lot to do there. And with the recent hype about the town getting an Arby's... thinking there's not a lot going on in Kuna seems appropriate.

However, there’s actually a lot more to do in Kuna than people would assume. In fact, there are even things about Kuna that rank "best" in and throughout the Treasure Valley.

And… whether locals like it or not, Kuna is growing really, really fast.

There are a lot of new homes and restaurants (and more) going up, like the Arby's I mentioned above, and there are probably more people than ever before who are currently living in Kuna right now and have no idea what to do there.

Or, at the very least, people in cities near Kuna who have no idea what the town has to offer.

Personally, my favorite thing about Kuna (from the list below) is the easy-to-access shooting ranges. There are multiple options and they're never too crowded or hard to get to. Aside from that, I enjoy going to Enrique's and hanging out with friends and family.

Here’s a list of 7 of the most recommended, fun, and inexpensive things to do in Kuna, according to Kuna locals. And check out this hilarious article about Arby's opening in Kuna (and the community's response), or keep scrolling for more fun things about Kuna and some amazing homes in the area 👇

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