Look, we all make mistakes at our job. It's natural, it happens every day... it's just that some jobs draw more attention than others.

We love our local TV reporters

Seriously, we love our local reporters and chances are, if you're on social media, you've come across several of these amazing personalities in some form or fashion.

Recently, CBS2's Sophia Doumani had an accidental awkward moment that actually has a good excuse. Heck - we've all been there.

The awkward moment occurred during an interview between Doumani and Kate Wilson of Foster & Heart. While Sophia was explaining how the public could help Foster & Heart's cause, she extended her hand and Kate did what all of us would do. Just look:

CBS2Boise via Instagram
CBS2Boise via Instagram

It looks like Sophia and Kate are about to throw down some legendary dap but here's where the awkward comes in.

WARNING: You might get second-hand cringe.

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Don't worry - Sophia didn't mean it and it was totally accidental.

She actually commented on the post:

I’m so oblivious hahah what can I say, I talk with my hands 😂 Sorry Kate!!

It was a wholesome mistake and the fact that Sophia was able to joke about the situation makes it that much more funny.

Believe it or not, it's not the worst blooper that an Idaho newscast could have. It could be like this cringe blooper that has people feeling terrible for laughing... but watching it on repeat over and over.

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