There are many different schools of thought when it comes to conspiracy theories - some people love them, some hate them. Like most things, there are two sides to everything (sometimes more) and people love to debate as to what's real and what's not.

The Conspiracy Theories of Idaho

Idaho is home to several conspiracy theories and while some just sound downright crazy, there are others many people in Idaho can't seem to agree on. But what about the theories we all agree on?

We've talked before about the popular theories of each state including our neighboring states. One of the common theories in this region, believe it or not, is the belief that "lizard people" exist. Now, if you're into this theory, please let us know here because, at the time of this article's publishing, none of us have ever met someone who legitimately buys into this theory.

What Do People Believe in Idaho?

What about the conspiracy theories that are still being debated in the Treasure Valey today? We rummaged through the most popular conspiracy theories talked about on Reddit pages in Idaho and data from various sources to come up with six conspiracy theories that have people split on whether they're true or not.

We're excluding UFOs/UAPs because well... our government has already come out and admitted the existence of UAPs which you can read more about here.

Remember - we're not here to "debunk" any of these theories, we're just presenting the conspiracy itself and the "explanation" that we found on the web from various sources.

6 Conspiracy Theories People in Idaho Can't Seem To Agree On

Idaho is home to some wild conspiracy theories but even as "crazy" as they may sound... There are multiple sides to every story. Where do you stand on these theories?

We mentioned it earlier, but the most popular conspiracy theories of Idaho and neighboring states are somewhat amusing. Do you think any of these are up for debate? What is the most searched conspiracy theory in Idaho?

Chemtrails? Lizard People? What's Idaho's Most Popular Conspiracy?

Here are the most popular conspiracy theories based on searches in Idaho and surrounding states thanks to data from

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