In the era of Instagram feeds and TikTok timelines, high school reunions have seemingly become a thing of the past. Nowadays, you find out what your former classmates are up to on those platforms we mentioned.

It's also probably how you know they've "made it."

Did you go to school with someone famous?

Before they were creating award-winning shows or earning big paydays on the field, these stars were just ordinary teens, navigating the wild journey that is life in high school. It's pretty wild to think that you could have been sitting next to someone in science class who would go on to accept an award for their outstanding performance in a series.

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For those who weren't the nicest people in high school, seeing the success of their former classmates might serve as a harsh lesson to always be nice to everyone. You never know when your paths could cross again and when you might benefit from each other's skills or profession.

It really is all about who you know

Shoot, imagine if you were there right before they turned that corner to make their rise. to fame or success. What if they had confided in you about their aspirations or doubts? What if you had shared a locker or a seat on the bus with someone who would one day walk the red carpet at the Oscars?

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