Are you feeling like it’s time to get out of dodge for and take a weekend trip to Yellowstone?

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Sign me up! Though, be warned, April is rated one of the top 3 busiest months to visit Yellowstone, so you might encounter larger crowds and A LOT of tourists.

According to The San Francisco Chronicle, the “legendary Yellowstone National Park” received “4.86 million visitors.” But there are definitely still some ways to make the trip totally your own :)

A lot of research has been put into finding the best and most underrated places to stay in Yellowstone, that are great options even if you're there during Yellowstone's busiest times.

Ranking Number 1 — according to multiple publications including Tripadvisor — is The Grizzly Lodge!

Grizzly Lodge, Matt Gatlin
Grizzly Lodge | Stacey Sharlet

The San Francisco Chronicle says, “The Grizzly Lodge offers cozy charm and great access to the outdoors, both in and outside of Yellowstone proper. You can choose from a single room or an entire creek-side cabin without breaking the bank. If you’re a fan of fishing, Grizzly Lodge is a great choice thanks to the world class fishing it has access to in Soda Butte Creek.”

Apparently, this place checks all the boxes. It’s perfect for most months of the year, and it’s close enough that visiting the park is still totally doable. Distance may be somewhat of a con, but that’s mainly because the pro here is the cost and the availability. The price ranges between $100-$175/night.

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