Boise is home to Idaho's "best signature dish under $10," and there are actually two restaurants in Boise that are repeatedly making it onto these national lists. More recently, one of the 2 restaurants was rated "the most tempting signature dish under $10 in Idaho" by Cheapism.

Sometimes, finding a delicious meal under $10 can be a challenge — especially these days! But rest assured, there are many affordable options, and we're going to reveal the two restaurants in Boise that currently wear the crown for having the best "under $10" options in Idaho...

Who has the best signature dish under $10 in Idaho?

Google Maps | Robert Ross
Google Maps | Robert Ross

1. Finger Steaks at Burger N’ Brew in Boise

Recently rated "The Most Tempting Signature Cheap Eat in Idaho" by Cheapism. Not only can you get delicious finger steaks and fry sauce at Burger N' Brew, but according to Cheapism you can also get "seven ounces of tri-tip doused in their batter and served with BBQ sauce for $8."

YUM. So, who's the runner-up?

Google Maps | Boise bizman
Google Maps | Boise bizman

2. Runner-up: Finger Steaks at Westside Drive-In in Boise

Likely the runner-up purely because of the price — Westside Drive-In's finger steak meals are around $14, whereas the options at Burger N' Brew are "under $10."

There you have it! 2 places in Boise that offer Idaho's signature dish at more-affordable prices. Keep scrolling for The 7 Best Places for Burgers in the Boise Area, and loads of other amazing restaurants you should know about 👇

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