Pictures from Cody Johnson's concert in Boise.

Cody Johnson’s concert last week was an amazing experience, and memorable for all those in attendance.

Randy Houser opened the show with an immense amount of energy, and Idaho really showed up ready to let loose and have a ton of fun. And I’m sure there were a lot of people there from our neighboring states, too.

It really is remarkable to see how many people from around here show up for these incredible artists that come through Boise, even on the weekdays, because after all, this was a sold-out show in Boise on a seemingly random Thursday night.

Cody acknowledged this in his opening remarks, saying, “My God, y’all are way up there tonight.”

Parker K.
Parker K.

He was surprised to see how many people were there (and how high up they were) in the ExtraMile Arena.

He kept looking up at the crowd, and you could just tell he was allowing himself to pause and take it all in.

He continued, “It’s Thursday night, does anyone have to work tomorrow? Does anybody care that they have to work tomorrow? Because I want you to sit back, relax, have a few too many beers, and tell your friends you came with tonight that you love them. Tonight, we’re going to stand together and unite with some real country music right here in Boise.”

Keep scrolling for photos of the concert, a list of concerts still to come this year in Boise, and even more concert photos from earlier this year 👇

Cody Johnson Concert Photos at ExtraMile Arena in Boise

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