There's a growing problem here in the Treasure Valley, and that's how dangerous our roads are becoming. But what's the biggest cause of this? Aggressive and toxic driving behavior. More and more people are driving aggressively and acting badly.

Recently, there's been a spike in the number of tragic accidents that have happened around here, and an increased number of road rage reports — this week there was an incident where the road rage was so bad shots were fired at nearby vehicles.

That is obviously not okay, and that is not how we do things in Idaho. The issue is that some drivers are getting too impatient and angry, too quickly — and it's making the roads a scary place. We all need to drive more responsibly and politely, especially with the increased traffic and stress we all have to face these days.

To fix this, we need to work on being more patient, kind, and compassionate drivers. And given the recent altercations, local law enforcement agencies are taking the issue seriously and increasing their presence on the road. Officers are urging the public to report aggressive drivers, providing authorities with a means to monitor and address these threats.

If you ever find yourself in a heated road rage situation with a bad driver, remember to stay calm and don't engage in an argument with them, create space between you and the aggressive driver, and call 911 if the situation escalates to a point where you feel threatened, or if you or anyone else are in danger. If necessary, even deviate from your course and drive to a safe, public place with witnesses.

We need to keep our Idaho roads safe and respectful.

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