After relocating to Idaho just over a year ago, my wife and I have been enthusiastically exploring all this beautiful state offers. Recently, we went on a spontaneous weekend getaway, and I must say, you won't want to spend 24 hours where we went. Our adventure led us through the landscapes of the Boise National Forest and the Sawtooth National Forest, each possessing its unique charm and natural beauty. 

You won't want to spend 24 hours in this Idaho town. Why? 

Ketchum has a wide range of outdoor activities that cater to every season. Winter welcomes skiers and snowboarders to Sun Valley, while summer invites hikers, mountain bikers, and anglers to explore its trails, crystal-clear rivers, and lakes. 

Kyle Matthews
Kyle Matthews

Stroll through its vibrant downtown, and you'll enjoy boutiques, art galleries, great restaurants, and bars. We attended a concert at Argyros Performing Arts Center when we went to Ketchum. It's a beautiful venue and provides a very intimate setting.  

In the end, 24 hours in Ketchum may offer a taste of its beauty, culture, and community, but it's a mere glimpse into all that Ketchum offers. You're going to need more than 24 hours in Ketchum. A day trip was great, but it just wasn't enough and you're going to need more time. 

Did you know that Ketchum has one of the best Mexican restaurants in the country? 

Despo's Mexican Restaurant

They only serve sustainable fish, regionally sourced beef, local pork, cheese from Jerome, and natural meat products. They also use non-hydrogenated oil for frying and cooking, which means no trans fats. They use all "green" cleaning supplies and unbleached 100% consumer-recycled paper. This small-town Mexican Restaurant is doing its part to impact our planet significantly.

211 4th Street East, Ketchum, Idaho 83340
Monday - Saturday from 11:30 to until Close
Closed Sundays

The next time you're in Ketchum, there are so many great restaurants to choose from that you might need help to choose, so we've compiled a list of the 10 Ketchum restaurants that need to be on your radar. 

10 Ketchum Restaurants You Must Visit During Your Next Trip

Conde Nast Traveler included the Wood River Valley's Ketchum on their list of "7 Small Towns in the U.S. That Are Secret Food Destinations." According to Trip Advisor, these are the 10 highest-rated restaurants that you can't miss while you're there!

Ketchum might not be featured on the list of the top 20 fantastic bucket list destinations in Idaho, but there are numerous other breathtaking places worth exploring. Many would require more than 24 hours to relish their unique attractions. 

20 Amazing Bucket List Destinations You Need To Visit In Idaho

Idaho's natural beauty is something special. Idaho encompasses many landscapes, from towering mountain ranges to vast plains, deep canyons to serene lakes, dense forests to volcanic fields. Idaho's diversity provides a plethora of stunning vistas and scenic beauty throughout the state, offering numerous bucket list opportunities.

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