Right off the bat, I can tell you it isn't in Boise. Bummer - I know. But, with that being established right off the bat, there's a chance that a Chinese restaurant in Boise could actually top the number one spot for Chinese food in Idaho... right?

According to a collection of reviews and ratings from 247Tempo.com, the number one Chinese restaurant is actually in Idaho Falls, BUT... who's to say they haven't met their match? When it comes to Chinese food, I would argue that it could actually be considered comfort food. Think about it - what is better on a nice cold day than a giant serving of hot, tasty egg drop soup with some fried noodles?

How about a nice serving of fried rice with the right amount of soy sauce coupled with the ultimate egg roll? There is nothing quite like Chinese food and luckily for you, not only are we sharing where you can find the number one spot for Chinese food in Idaho... but we're also going to share with you the contenders for that title. The local spots in the Treasure Valley who can give the number one spot a run for its money.

If we missed a spot, please let me know here. Now, let's dive into the top spots in Boise that can arguably take that number one spot for Chinese food.

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