It's the weekend of Halloween and people across the country will be cozying up this weekend, getting into the spirit of Halloween with their favorite horror flick. There's nothing quite like it either; watching a solid scary movie during the Halloween season is no different than watching your favorite Christmas movie in December.

A recent report revealed the most popular movie to watch on Halloween in different states and I have to admit that the pick for Idaho was utterly disappointing. Sure, it has a 95% rating on Rotten Tomatoes but it's still disappointing, at least in my opinion.

For example, this report says that Utah's favorite movie is 'A Quiet Place Part II', which is a solid pick. How about Oregon's pick for the favorite movie to watch on Halloween, 'Midsommar' (a horrifying but excellent film)? Nevada's favorite? The 2017 version of 'It' - seriously. All of our neighboring states have some solid picks for films to enjoy on Halloween so why is that Idaho's pick for the best movie to watch on Halloween is 'The Fly.'

That's right - 'The Fly' which released in 1958. And look, I get it. It's a "classic" and the aforementioned rating on Rotten Tomatoes backs that up, but REALLY? Out of ALL of the movies to choose from for the season of Halloween, this is what we pick?

I'll be honest, I've never seen the film but that's because I've never wanted to. That doesn't mean it's necessarily the worst movie ever because I'm not the one who decides that, but I have to believe there are better picks for "Idaho's Favorite Horror Movie to Watch on Halloween."

What do you think? What would you pick for Idaho's favorite movie to watch on Halloween? Let me know here!

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